English Language and Literature

Educational Program Objectives & Student Learning Outcomes


Educational Program Objectives & Student Learning Outcomes


1. To respond to the needs of the local job market by providing highly qualified individuals and graduates equipped with excellent command of the English.
2. Developing Arab culture through translating books published in English.
3. Developing the student's four skills to prepare her well to translate various texts in Arabic and English.
4. Developing the field of scientific research related to translation.
5. Creating a kind of partnership with the local community by communicating with it for the purpose of mutual benefit.
6. Updating and developing curricula and study materials.


Student Learning Outcomes:

1. Demonstrate proper translation competencies.
2. Present written translated texts with professional standards.
3. Apply theories and approaches of translation and interpretation into translated texts to convey meaning easily.
4. Develop critical thinking skills to resolve translation bias.