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Students Disciplinary Instructions


Students Disciplinary Instructions

  1. Official Uniform: Commitment to wearing modest dress following the Omani customs and traditions. It is forbidden to wear the niqab inside the college campus.
  2. Students' Behavior: Avoiding any behavior that violates honesty or morals that would harm the reputation of the college or its employees, whether inside or outside the college campus, in any activity or occasion in which the college participates.
  3. College facilities: Preserving the college’s property and facilities in a way that ensures maximum benefit from them to preserve the public interest, and the cultural and aesthetic appearance of the college.
  4. Smoking: Smoking or the use of any type of mental stimulant is strictly prohibited in all college facilities.
  5. Respect: There should be mutual respect between students and staff whether inside the classrooms or in the college facilities.
  6. Lectures: Attending lectures and practical sessions, not disturbing the study system, and avoiding causing chaos during the organization of student activities.
  7. Committees: Refrain from organizing or participating in any committees, associations, or conferences without prior permission from the Student Affairs Department.
  8. Mobile Phones: Turn off mobile phones during lectures.
  9. University card: Obligation to carry the university card on the college campus and to present it if requested.