Administrative Departments

Quality Assurance
Vision, Mission and Objectives


Vision, Mission and Objectives


Providing the best quality levels in all academic and administrative aspects in the frame work of striving to make the college a regionally and internationally recognized institution in line with the college’s vision and mission.


Continuous supervision and follow-up to ensure the quality of the performance of the academic and administrative departments in light of the local and regional performance indicators standards. This enhances the level of quality of all activities and practices and the efficiency of academic outputs and administrative work in the college.



  1. Ensuring the educational performance quality and improving the educational process in line with developments and updates in educational and methodological programs.
  2. Spreading the culture of quality and performance evaluation among faculty members, students and administrators.
  3. Evaluating the educational process by measuring Key Performance Indicators (KPI).
  4. Developing the internal systems in a way that contributes to achieving the requirements and standards of quality control.
  5. Enhancing the management quality by providing the necessary tools for development.