Administrative Departments

Services and Supplies



1. Work to rationalize spending in (telephone, electricity, water, transportation, maintenance, and purchases).
2. Securing the college's needs for supplies according to the applicable regulations.
3. Maintaining the college's assets.
4. Organizing the processes of receiving materials and entering them into warehouses after checking them and making sure of their quantities and compliance with the required specifications.
5. Entering invoices into the applicable college system.
6. Delivering all the needs of the college departments.
7. Maintaining adequate stock in warehouses that meets the college's needs.
8. Follow up the implementation of maintenance requirements for the college buildings and facilities.
9. Organizing the movement of vehicles and their maintenance, and scheduling the work of drivers to complete the work assigned to them.
10. Supervising and following up on all contracts, cleaning company, cafeteria, elevators, air conditioners, etc.
11. Securing college supplies within high quality standards.
12. Develop databases and accounting systems to monitor, record and inventory the college's uses.
13. Creating an effective partnership with the college service providers.
14. Ensure the achievement of public safety standards for the college's facilities and buildings.
15. Contribute to showing the aesthetic image of the college campus.
16. Intensifying the process of investigation and searching for the best and most appropriate services, taking into account the prices and sizes of the things required by the college departments, and the routine things that the department seeks to supply such as stationery, inks, etc. to provide them in reserve for the college departments.
17. The department aims to develop services related to it with what is presented to the renewable scientific and technical arena through exhibitions and technical workshops, as well as cooperating with the supplying offices, various commercial and technical institutions which they have contracted with. 
18. Achieving the flexibility and transparency as well as seeking the satisfaction of multiple parties through achieving the principle of consensus and cooperation in transactions, contracts and other related matters.