English Language and Literature

Program Objectives & Student Learning Outcomes


Program Objectives & Student Learning Outcomes

Educational Program Objectives:

1. To respond to the needs of the local job market by providing highly qualified individuals and graduates equipped with excellent command of the English language.
2. To develop creativity through the study of language and literature.
3. To develop and nurture different communication skills to facilitate the daily use of English in all spheres of life while interacting with others.
4. To establish partnership with the local community for mutual benefits.
5. To develop and update the curricula.
6. To allow academic staff to explore their strengths in applying research and scholarly activities in teaching.
7. To develop the potentials in applying the up-to-date educational technologies.
8. To create an attractive work environment for the distinguished academics to join the Department.


Student Learning Outcomes:

1. Analyse different types of literature.
2. Express interpretive understanding of various forms of literature.
3. Identify / Interpret / describe component of literary work.
4. Define and analyse elements of literature such as characters, plots, settings, themes and images.
5. Demonstrate research skills in written text about literature such as in assignments and Research projects.
6. Employee critical analysis in understanding and producing literary work like short stories, novels and poems.