Program Objectives & Student Learning Outcomes


Program Objectives & Student Learning Outcomes


  1. Developing the personal skills of students in management and leadership in various applied fields of interior design within the community.
  2. Qualifying students to be able to take appropriate decisions at the right time in order to achieve the highest level of performance in the Omani labour market.
  3. Emphasizing the professional ethics by instilling and highlighting human values.
  4. Encouraging scientific research to have Master's and Doctoral degrees in this field, besides funding research participations with the corresponding departments locally and internationally.
  5. Encouraging communication between Al-Zahra College for Women represented by the Department of Interior Design and the local community.
  6. Qualifying graduates with various problem-solving skills related to their specialization within the applied aspects in the local and international labor market.
  7. Building the student's creative personality, who will be able to think, analyze critically and deduce various topics and problems related to the field.
  8. Supporting and encouraging the concept of teamwork between the graduates and their job providers.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of the Bachelor's Degree in Interior Design, the student will be able to:
  1. Develop the awareness of the cognitive and applied aspects in this field.
  2. Criticize, analyze, and judge the aesthetic and functional aspects.
  3. Communicate and work in teams effectively.
  4. Contribute to the society and meet its requirements in the field of graphic design.
  5. Adapt with the recent developments in the graphic design field.
  6. Demonstrate analytical problem solving skills and planning internal spaces with different functions.
  7. Practice effective design thinking skills to design appropriate furnishings, with the choice of appropriate interior structures and coverings.
  8. Select materials and use symbols and specifications according to the laws of sustainability.
  9. Present an integrated interior design project using computer programs and provide guidance and practical solutions efficiently and professionally.