Program Objectives & Student Learning Outcomes


Program Objectives & Student Learning Outcomes


  1. Provide a stimulating educational environment that allows students to show their creative talents. 
  2. Prepare designers who are able to deal with the graphic design process professionally. 
  3. Encourage alumni to build a distinguished and artistic personality, with the ability of self-learning. 
  4. Attract students with distinguished artistic skills.  
  5. Develop study plans and keep pace with scientific and technological developments and society needs. 
  6. Promote Omani artistic and cultural identity, and adhere to the cultural heritage. 
  7. Stimulate scientific research and knowledge advancement. 
  8. Associate the field of study with the recent scientific and technical development and build partnerships with distinguished scientific and technical centers locally and across the Arab world. 
  9. Develop programs and specializations that keep pace with the scientific and technical developments and the requirements of the local and Arab market.
  10. Develop the skills and capabilities of the academic and administrative staff. 
  11. Create an efficient work environment to attract distinguished academic staff.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of the bachelor's degree in Graphic Design, the student will be able to:
  1. develop the awareness of the cognitive and applied aspects in this field. 
  2. criticize, analyze, and judge the aesthetic and functional aspects. 
  3. communicate and work in teams effectively. 
  4. adapt with the recent developments in the graphic design field.
  5. contribute to the society and meet its requirements in the field of graphic design. 
  6. formulate ideas and embodies them visually using graphic design programs.
  7. build a visual identity according to the business requirements.
  8. employ appropriate techniques in the implementation of graphic designs.
  9. find design and implementation solutions in various graphic design fields.