Managerial and Financial Science

Program Objectives & Student Learning Outcomes


Program Objectives & Student Learning Outcomes


1. Build the student's personality and developing her scientific and practical abilities that qualify the student to enter the labor market.
2. Grasp and participate in the latest knowledge reached in the areas of accounting.
3. Contribute to meet the needs of the Omani labor market in the accounting fields.
4. Promote the culture of entrepreneurship towards the establishment of small and medium-sized enterprises.
5. Giving students practical skills through practical training and case studies in the accounting.
6. Work to create the appropriate educational environment to motivate students to excellence in their academic achievement.

Learning Outcomes

1.    Accomplish duties assigned to analyses, record and communicate information on business transactions in different types of organization in according to International Financial Reporting Standards.
2.    Prepare financial statements and perform different financial analyses ratios, which are related to business’s liquidity, profitability, and solvency and operation efficiency.
3.    Understand the flow of costs in traditional costing systems and Activity based costing system (ABC), prepare different types of budgets, perform variance analysis to support management decisions and prepare related statements and reports.
4.    Appreciate the important role of ethics plays in financial reporting and auditing and identify unethical behaviors and practices.
5.    Utilize computer-based software (such as Tally and ONYX Pro) to maintain accounting records.