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Benefits of Field Training for Students:
  • It assists the student to apply what she has acquired from the theoretical lessons in the classroom, thus increasing the student's ability to excel in her specialization.
  •  It enables the students to understand their specialization, and this makes them capable of being more creative and innovative.
  •  It provides an opportunity for students to integrate in the labor market, and to identify the challenges that they may face after graduation.
  • It opens doors for the student to search for a job in her field of specialization, as it bridges the gap between what she has studied and what she encounters in the labor market.
  • It provides an opportunity to closely see how institutions operate, and to learn how to deal with colleagues and managers.
  • It prepares students to accept future challenges, respond to changes and deal with problems that they may encounter in the future.
  • It enables privileged students to get a job in a company or an institution in which they got the training.
  • It motivates the students to join the labor market without fear or hesitation.
  •  It allows students to get used to taking job responsibility, abiding by deadlines, and performing all required tasks on time.
  • It makes the student able to identify her strengths and weaknesses, and the appropriate ways to strengthen strengths and get rid of weaknesses.
  • It boasts student’s morale. 
  • It enables students to acquire various professional skills, such as:
making successful professional relationships with clients Designing different programs Communication skills
Interviewing skills Problem-solving skills Leadership skills
Persuasion skills Creativity and initiative skills  Team-work