Tasks & Duties

Duties related to Borrowing section:
This includes a wide range of processes and technical procedures like:
  • Studying the needs of the community of users and trying to provide those needs.
  • Constructing a suitable policy of provision in the light of the above mentioned study.
  • Evaluating required material and selecting appropriate ones.
  • Maintaining the quality of material.
  • Choosing information resources according to well established policy to provide material suitable for readers and researchers.
Information resources are provided through the following:
  • Buying which is the chief source of provision of material. Buying is conducted either directly from the publishers or through paid agents.
  • Gifts and Donations coming from non-profit institutions. It may also come from authors and academics.

Duties related to the sections of cataloging and classification:
Duties of these sections are of great importance to libraries and information resources. They provide means of controlling a huge amount of available information resources analyze and present organized information to researchers in different specializations. The index is the final product of the processes of indexing and classification. It is an organized guide for books and other resources owned by the centre. These two sections provide other technical services to the centre of learning resources, to the library in general and to the community of users in general.