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Loan Services:
The center provides loan services to academic staff, non-academic staff and students. Students can have a maximum of three books for ten renewable days. A fine of 100 Baisa is enforced after that for each day. Academic and non-academic staff can have a maximum of five books for one renewable month. A fine of 300 Baisa per day is enforced after that.

Reference Services:
The center presents reference services to students to help them use the different resources of the center, reach desired information and choose from among that.

CD Search:
The center presents search facilities in certain areas using CD-ROM. This provides the researcher with a list of key words related to a particular subject.

Online Index Search :
The center has information resources index available online, technically called (OPAC). It is a developed search engine that facilitates user search.  It is a guide that enables search on the basis of title, subject or file name. It includes all titles and resources available at the center.
The user can also have access to all new incoming resources. He can also access his personal file to know about previous and present loan. The user may renew a loan personally without going back to the librarian.

Internet Services :
The center provides internet services for research and access to information. This can be done in the centre's internet hall. This service is also available in all rooms through wireless service.

Current Awareness Service :
The center issues a printed matter providing information on new books and periodicals at the center.  

User Training Service :
The center provides training service to users on how to make use of the available resources and services.

Photocopying Service:
The center provides photocopying service of the non-loan information resources. This service enables researchers to make use of all information resources available at the center.

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