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Tasks & Duties

  • Technical Support Dept. (TS) is responsible for supervising and administering all the technical issues related to the college network, labs, helpdesk and the computer center. 

  • Managing the college computer network, servers and all the supporting devices such as the college firewall, UPSs, wireless controller, Internet modems, backup system and the SAN storage, as well as performing all the regular maintenance and configurations of these devices. 

  • Managing, configuring and maintaining the college network security system. 

  • Configuring, maintaining and monitoring the college servers and internet service 24/7.

  • Upgrading and installing of any new technologies regarding the college network, systems and computers.

  • Managing the security cameras and sound systems existing in the college buildings and lecture rooms.

  • Providing technical studies and consultations regarding any computer systems upgrades, computerizing system of work, upgrading and extending the college network infrastructure (wired and wireless) and the eLearning system.  

  • Providing college departments with their needs of computers, printers, data projectors and software, and ensuring that all devices and technologies are being used properly.

  • Preparing and studying tenders and quotations regarding supplying computer systems and devices to the college and ensuring all received items are identical with the requested specifications. 

  • Supervising all the computer labs in the college and making sure that they are equipped with the needed devices and software for teaching purposes. 

  • Providing technical support to staff and students through the helpdesk office.

  • Following up the maintenance contracts and agreements regarding the computer systems and device.

  • Configuring and administering the College Email system and website.

  • Updating the college “Computer Use Policy” and ensuring everyone is adapting it.

Systems and Software Division Tasks:
Administrating and configuring all the computer systems used in the college including:
  • HR System.
  • Registration system.
  • Attendance System. Library System.
  • College Advertisement system.
  • Students ID Card System.
  • Preparing daily reports related to the previous systems.
  • Providing technical support to the departments using these systems.


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