The Department is responsible for the following duties:
1-Create timeframe for the various activities to be carried out by the Department.
2-Repair and fix all the machines and facilities in the College and the students’ hostels.
3-Provide transportation services for the students’ academic trips and visits.
4-Provide the academic departments with their needs.
5-Supply the ink for printers and photocopiers.
6-Provide all stationery and other equipment.
7-Book tickets for staff official trips and annual leave.
8-Get contract with companies for periodic maintenance of the photocopiers.
9-Propose alternatives and suggestions within type of its duties and responsibilities.
10-Facilitate the external delegations periodic and other academic visits to the College.
11-Liaise with the concerned travel agents for booking the tickets for the academic and administrative staff during vacations and for official trips.
12- Manage daily routines including inbox and outgoing correspondence.
13- The purchase of different equipment and supplies for the Departments.
14- The Department is also responsible for graduation ceremony and other functions organized by the College.