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Services and Activities

First: The Marketing section performs the following duties:

1-Participate in local and regional exhibitions.
2-Visit schools and conduct informational sessions and meetings about the college.
3-Distribute college publications to schools and various provinces and regions through the cooperation with other departments to recruit new students.
4-Prepare brochures and fliers about the college.
5-Advertise the college through promotional products like pens, cups, etc.
6-Provide give away gifts for students and participants of various college activities.

Second: Duties of the Media Section:
1-Participate in the college’s annual graduation ceremony and various activities such as conferences, seminars, discussion circles, athletic activities, ceremonies, and other events and provide full media coverage for all activities.
2-Present college activities and functions through a magazine issued by the college every semester.
3-Takes on the responsibility of fully preparing for conferences and college celebrations, providing full media coverage for its events, and publicizing them.
4-Keeps track of different types of media and whatever they may publish about the college and shares this information with the College Board and all departments.
5-Sets up TV interviews and press conferences for the president of the college and other personnel and ensures its presence at such events.
6-Advertise academic and administrative vacancies.

Third: Duties of Public Relations Section:
1-Remains updated on any occurring event relevant to college employees and students and takes proper actions to deal with the event whether it may be death or other hardships or special and happy occasions.
2-Plans well for the hosting of foreign or official delegates and facilitates their work at the college.
3-Participates in the preparation of conferences, seminars, workshops, cultural events, and occasions and manages such functions at the college.


  • Visit schools in different regions for the purpose of marketing the college and making it known to the general public.
  • Participate in two major exhibitions held in different parts of the country:
  1. IJEX
  2. HigherEducation Exhibition
  • Provide full media coverage for all celebrations, functions, and activities held at the college.
    Collaborate with local newspapers and television to publicize college activities.
    Manage all college related publications and fliers.


  • Participate in exhibitions held in other countries such as:
  • a-Kuwait
  • b-Saudi Arabia
  • Distribute brochures about the college to schools in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait through various agencies.


Marketing & P.R

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