Maintain the resources of the college and ensure its sustainability and manage its efficiently and provide financial services.
1.Contribute to manage the college resources in a way that ensures their improvement and sustainability.
2.Keep up with the latest development in programs and procedures.
3.Control the current and Capital expenditure.
4.Plan the future budget in relation to the needs and the available income.
5.Provide data about the yearly accounts to the target departments.
6.Develop employees professionally with regards to administration duties and responsibilities.
Duties and Responsibilities 
Accounting unit

1.Open new accounts for employees and customers.
2.Enter the accounting procedures on the employee and customers’ accounts.
3.Follow –up the agreements and contracts and its financial aspects.
4.Ensure that expenses do not exceed the specified budget for the current financial year.
5.Ensure that supplies are matching the receivable.
6.Collect and approve the scholarships' bills for all students.
7.Follow-up the collection issues with the legal consul.
8.Revise the reports that have been sent by the departments in order to submit to the board of directors.
9.Supervise the college account balance and investigating its liquidity and whether it is supporting the funds of the college.

10.Confirm the accounting operations to the bank statement and prepare necessary adjustments for the fund.

Expenses unit 
1.Review the cash expense statements for all college's departments.
2.Deliver Salaries, allowances and loans payment for employees.
3.Issue bonds to pay customers and supplies bills.
4.Issue bonds of expense   to re-credit the owed payable accounts.
5.Return insurance to graduate and drop-out students.
6.Provide financial facilities to support student activities
7.Prepare expenses reports and send them to the board of directors.

Revenue unit

1.Issue receipts when collecting the due amounts from companies and other institutions and supply them to the cash box.
2.Prepare studies to improve the college’s revenue and find out alternative resources. 
3.Keep registries and documents for the revenues. 
4.Prepare reports for the accrued revenue and send them to the board of directors.

Students’ accounting unit :
1.Open new accounts for students.
2.Follow- up the students’ accounts and collecting their accrued fees.
3.Enter transportation and housing contracts in students’ accounts.
4.Enter scholarships and discounts that students obtained.
5.Approve discharge for graduates and drop-out students.
6.Issue bills for scholarship students.
7.Collect fines from those students who cause any damage to the college property.
8.Issue statements for student’s account and their entire financial document.
9.Support students and answering all of their financial inquiries.  
10.Prepare reports for arrears and send them to the board of directors.
11.Collect and approve the scholarships' bills for all students.
12.Follow-up the collecting issues with the legal consul.
13.Revise the reports that have been sent by the departments before submission to the board director.
14.Supervise the college account in the bank and investigate to what extent that liquidity supports the cash box.

Cashbox unit:
1.Provide the necessary liquidity to meet the daily expenses of the College.
2.Receive the students’ fees from the students’ cashier.  
3.Receive the collected revenue from the revenue unit.
4.Send deposit to support the college accounts in the bank.
5.Deposit the current and the terms cash in the bank.
6.Follow - up the bounced cheques in order to collect them via cash.


1.Save vouchers, contracts, and all accounting documents according to the sequence of digital archiving by years.
2.Ensure that all saved documents match the protocols and procedures of Al'zahra College and approved by the board of directors.
3.Print books and correspondences and send them to the concerned authorities.
4.Receive incoming mails and distribute them among the departments after keeping a copy of them.

The Duties and the Responsibilities of the Finance Affairs Section

1.Preparing the budget
•Gather financial data in coordination with all departments of the College for the purpose of preparing the general budget of the College.
•Prepare the project of the estimated budget of the college.
•Implement the budget after its adoption according to the regulations of the exchange.
•Prepare monthly reports about the financial position of the college.
•Follow-up the different funds and compare them with the actual disbursement and make the necessary adjustments according to the regulations.
•Prepare the monthly reports about the periodic movements and the amount of expenses and send them to the board of directors.

Financial procedures

1.The expenses

•Issue cheques, bills of exchange and transferred letters in accordance with the Financial Regulations and the Regulations of the exchange.
•Implement procedures for the expenses with regard to suppliers and paying bills, according to purchase issued by the Department of Services or the other departments.
•Implement the procedures of paying the suppliers’ maturity.
•Follow-up agreements and contracts for services and maintenance for various buildings in the college, as well as repairing devices and computers’ network.
•Follow up the agreements and contracts of the college and other partnerships.
•Follow-up compensation and payment of cash debit and the travel allowance in accordance with financial regulations.
•Issue the journal vouchers for the actual expenses.
•Make the necessary adjustments at the end of each financial period and load it with its own expenses.
•Follow-up cash collection of the college according to the regulations.
•Issue bonds for all cash and checks received and add them to the fund’s account and then to the bank account.
•Make adjustment with the bank statements and confirm them with the documents and registries.
•Prepare the bills for tuition fees and follow- up its collection from the students.
•Follow-up collection of rents and other revenues.
•Prepare reports and statements for all revenues according to their sources.
•Issue journals and vouchers for all revenues for each financial period.
•Keep registries and revenue documents in accordance with financial regulations.

The review of financial procedures

1.Audit and Review
•Review the financial documents and expense receipts and ensure that the procedures have been completed according to the accounting regulations.
•Keep copies of all contracts and agreements and regulations issued by the college board of directors.

2.The Financial and Accounting Registries

•Keep hard copies of all expenses and entries receipt.
•Audit and review the monthly records for all accounts and make the appropriate adjustments.
•Prepare the monthly records for all types of accounts.
Prepare the monthly records for the revenue and debit and credit balance.

3.Preparing the closing accounts and the financial reports.

•Prepare a report on the financial position of the college on monthly and yearly basis including information about debits and credit accounts and the revenues.
•Open new accounts for the new fiscal year and transfer all balances after the approval of the budget.
•Prepare the closing accounts every year attached with a detailed report for the college accounts after its auditing by the external auditor .