HoD Message

The finance affairs department was established at the same time when Al’Zahra College was established in 199. The financial system has been designed according to the internal rules and regulations of the college. It is equipped with all facilities that ensure performing the administrative duties effectively.

It aims to implement the overall budget of the college and to follow- up the college accounts. It also, deals with all of the departments in the college along with the third-party financial relationship.
Furthermore, it collects and restricts the financial obligations of the College in accordance with the regulations issued in this regard, as well as, the work of financial management.

The Finance affairs section also implements all the procedures and financial regulations relating to the safety of the financial system altogether to ensure the continuity of the college activities and maintain its assets.
In addition, it supervises all procedures related to the implementation of the annual budget of the College and follows-up and controls all records and documents that are maintained to ensure their conformity with the college’s regulations.

Our ambition is to carry out the duties, responsibilities and tasks assigned to us in accordance with scientific and practical principles, with honesty and sincerity under the rules and the international standards.