The department of student affairs is responsible for preparing an annual holistic plan that considers student needs and talents, and it is the department’s responsibility to fulfill these needs.

First: Student Services which include:
•The Clinic:
1.The college provides medical assistance through its well- equipped clinic that is run by a specialized nurse.
2.It assists in raising awareness of health issues through various activities, workshops, and awareness sessions.    

Career Services:
1.It helps students with all areas of their career management. It assists them in the job search process and provides suitable training for students in various fields.
2.It works on collaborating with other organizations from the public and private sector to offer training and job opportunities for students. 

1-Managing transportation and other related tasks such as updating bus schedules.
2-Providing transportation for field trips and tours around the city.

1-Managing the cafeteria with regard to the quality of food, prices, and hygiene.
2-Making suggestions for improvement.

College Alumni Association:
1-Developing relationships with graduates and urging them to participate in various cultural, social, and academic functions.
2-Establishing relations and building cultural, social, and academic connections among graduates.
3-Keeping in touch with graduates and assisting them in finding jobs as much as possible.

Social Services:
1-Cooperate with administrative and academic staff to deal with behavioral, psychological, social, academic, and medical problems among students.
2-Takes on the responsibility of supporting students and finding ways to solve their problems.
3-Cooperate with the administrative and academic staff to address issues that pertain to student disabilities, their talents and giftedness, lower achievement, illnesses, and provide the care and attention they need.
4-Help students adapt to their new environment and college life.
5-Participate in strengthening relationships between the college and students’ parents and communicating with them.  

Second: Student Activities:
The department of student affairs seeks to develop leadership skills among students and encourage healthy competition. It also teaches them to depend on themselves and take responsibility in addition to enjoying themselves.

•Academic  Activities:
1-Hold seminars and sessions about safety issues, blood donating, genetic diseases, HIV, etc … through coordinating with specialized physicians from the Ministry of Health.
2-Organize field trips which should be planned for two days in advance by HODs to ensure preparations are made in a timely fashion.

•Social and Non- Academic Activities
1-Organize visits and trips to help students get to know each other.
2-Communicate with local organizations such as The Omani Women Association, orphanages, and the Association of the Deaf and Blind.
3-Hold charity events.

•Art shows and events
1-Manage events and prepare for special occasions, celebrations, and functions.
2-Participate in exhibitions held outside the college after coordinating with the relevant academic department so that students can act as ambassadors and representatives of the college through their artistic production.
•Media Activities

1-Raise awareness about the importance of media in communicating with an audience.
2-Create opportunities for students to use their talent by giving them certain assignments such as conducting interviews and providing full media coverage for events and functions on- campus and off- campus and publicizing them.

•Athletic Activities
1-Encourage and ensure student participation in athletic activities and discover special talent among them.
2-Develop student physical and artistic abilities to enable them to participate in on- campus and off- campus contests.
3-Hold tournaments and competitions for academic and administrative staff to encourage sports among college employees.
4-Promote health through physical activity which leads to healthy lifestyles.
5-Represent the college in various competitions and athletic activities.