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1-Monitor the implementation of the strategic plan of the College.
2-Propose evaluation mechanisms for the staff and programs according to solid scientific foundations.
3-Represent the College in the conferences, seminars and meetings which are related to quality assurance.
4-Propose questionnaires (assessments) and different statistical analysis and descriptive information regarding the activities of the College.
5-Supervise the preparation of accreditation reports and audits, and follow-up the work of the assigned committees.
6-To submit proposals for all departments, and to assist them in developing the work for the purpose of obtaining high quality results.
7-Execute other matters assigned by the Dean or the Dean assistant.
8-Monitor, follow up and achieve all academic, administrative and technical matters related to the department; this is done through direct coordination with members of the central committee of quality assurance and the heads of departments in the College.
9-Observe the process of staff evaluation in the College, and monitor the implementation of accreditation standards.
10-Follow up the changes and amends of the regulations and instructions issued by the Ministry of Higher Education.
11-Study the reports of the accreditation committee.

Qulaity Assurance

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