The Foundation Programme is a compulsory requirement for all students joining colleges and universities to pursue Diploma or Bachelor. The programme also is essential for the students to enable them acquire the necessary skills in English language, Mathematics and IT.

The Programme consists of three semesters; the duration of the first two semesters is 14 weeks each, and 13 weeks for the third semester.

  • First Semester: The student studies English language skills and IT skills with particular focus on (IC3). The programme qualifies the student to obtain (IC3) certificate.
  • Second Semester: In this semester the student studies Basic Mathematics skills, learning skills in addition to English language skills.
  • Third Semester: This is a preparatory semester for IELTS. In addition to advanced English skills, the student also studies Pure or Applied Mathematics.
  • The student must obtain a minimum 50% average in all the skills stipulated in the Programme plan.