1-Student Affairs committee (SAC). SAC provides a number of activities as follows:

•To activate and follow up scientific and cultural trips.
•The Department of Graphic Design is connected with several production events in the local market as well as with local culture. Hence scientific and cultural trips are an integrated part of the academic process of the Department. For this reason, the Department organizes scientific and cultural trips for students.
•To activate and follow up artistic exhibitions.
•To increase interaction between students and local artistic movement. So, the exhibitions we organize and participate in are considered public events for students.

•To activate and follow practical training:
•Training in the Department is divided into two basic parts; certain class activity specified for practical training and non-class activity in which students are bound to get training at graphic designing institutions or those ones that have special departments for graphic designing. So practical training needs coordination between SAC, Practical Training Committee and Student Affairs Department (SAD) in the College. SAD communicates with other institutions to get reports that students are trained at these institutions.
•To communicate with local community institutions:
•To activate communication with local community institutions to secure job opportunities for the Department graduates and to get a close look at the needs of the labor market to develop and update suitable study programs as well as to connect students with their local culture.

2-Curriculum and Study Plans Committee. It provides a number of activities as follows:
•Activating scientific research for students; to encourage students for scientific research through two main pivots: The first is related to the courses students study. The second is to encourage students to take part in research through competitions inside and outside the College and to provide scientific support for them.
•To complete modernized study plans for Diploma and BA programs.
•Follow and update the study plan of the Department to cope with fast developments in the specialization field.
•To study labor market requirements against reviewing courses and their scientific contents in addition to collaboration with international academic institutions that have graphic designing Departments to determine how far the study plans of the Department needs to be modified, as well as to prepare new plans if required.
•To prepare new programs for the specialization
•To study the possibility of introducing new programs in the department.
•To prepare study plans in accordance with quality assurance provisions and criteria.

3-Scientific Research Committee: The committee provides a number of activities as follows:
•To activate scientific research among the academic staff.
•To setup scientific research plans for the department at the beginning of the academic year and to discuss them with the academic staff.
•To follow the possibility of supporting and implementing it with the central scientific research committee in the college.
•To communicate with the scientific and academic institutions which are connected with the specialization to activate participation and research with the academic body in the department.
•To activate seminars for the academic staff members.
•To setup a plan for seminars at the beginning of the year to achieve scientific connection among academic staff.
•To follow up seminar organization.
•To round up achieved scientific results during the academic year.

4-Quality Assurance Committee (QAC). It conducts a number of activities as follows:
•To follow up and develop quality assurance in the department.
•To follow educational and administrative events held in the department in cooperation with QAC.
•To standardize events and extract results.
•To provide suggestions to develop events in the department.
•To develop skills of academic and administrative staff in the department.
•To study and specify fields necessary to be developed.
•To study and specify necessary course programs and implement them.

5-Examination Committee: it conducts a number of activities as follows:
•To follow up and organize final exams for every term.
•To review seasonal and final exams and general methods of evaluation.
•To discuss with staff members cases which need changes or modification of methods of evaluation and mark monitoring.

6-Library Committee:
•To look for books and sources for learning about graphic design to increase the number and titles of books in the college.
•To increase participation in the periodicals and electronic libraries
•To support participation of the college library in the digital photos libraries.