Tasks and Duties

Duties of GFP Quality Assurance Committee                             

1- Spreading the quality assurance culture  in the department

2- Applying QA standards and achieving the department requirements.

3- Following up with the department QA requirements to ensure commitment to policies and procedures.

Duties of GFP Research Committee 

1- Announcing workshops.

2- Keeping workshop documents for the published researches.

3- Determining the accredited periodicals.

Duties of GFP Study Plans Committee 

1- Determining the study plans for the existing programs.

2- Following up with and updating the department study plans to cope with the fast updates, based on staff recommendations.

3- Studying the job market to suggest program updates and recommend new programs.  

Duties of GFP Examination Committee                                           

1- Announcing the student exam table.

2- Preparing the rooms for exams in regard of student numbers.

3- Announcing the student exam instructions on the exam room doors.

Duties of GFP Timetable Committee                                        

1- Deciding on the courses to be offered during the semester. 

2- Preparing the timetable and coordinating with academic advisors to clear out any clashes (if any).

3- Coordinating with the Head of Department to nominate coordinators and lecturers for the offered courses. 

Duties of GFP Student Affairs Committee                                  

1- Encouraging the department students to make internal activities (inside the department) and welcome and farewell parties for new students and graduates. 

2- Organizing curricular and extracurricular trips for the department students. 

3- Receiving the students’ grievances and suggestions and solving them.

The services of GFP:

Aiming to prepare an enhanced educational and learning environment, the GFP provides the following services: 

1-To provide halls, supplied with data shows and sound system, for studying considering that the student is the corner-stone of the educational process.

2-To provide illustrative means such as books, exercise papers and media lessons.

3-English language club activities.