Tasks and Duties

According to the educational and learning process, the GFP has formed various committees to represent the following:

Name of the committee Responsibilities 

1 Examination Committee · Oversees placement, exit and other formal examinations. · Conducts meetings with the course coordinators to discuss any issue related to exam matters. · Updates and maintains the exam committee file. 

2 Study Plans Committee · Review and update the programme periodically. · Prescribe and suggest better books for courses. · Update course materials and course outlines/syllabuses to ensure consistency with students’ needs. 

3 Quality Assurance Committee · Evaluate and maintain the course files. · Assist HoD and college QA Committee to conduct the students/teachers evaluation. · Monitor GFP activities, academic records and collect semester final examination papers. 

4 Research Committee · Prepare the Annual Work Plan. · Organize meeting and draft meeting minutes. · Update Committee File. · Organize Workshops. 

5 Library & Learning Resources Committee · Check the available resources & update them. · Place orders for new books. · Invite publishers to conduct workshops. · Encourage reading. 

6 Students Affairs Committee · Conduct regular English club activities in GFP. · Organize outdoor activities with the collaboration of other colleges. 

7 Credit Transfer and Academic Supervision Committee · Proceed transfer students · Conduct advisory meetings · Assist students to resolve issues internally and externally 

8 Timetable Committee · Discuss, prepare GFP schedule


The services of GFP:
Aiming to prepare an enhanced educational and learning environment, the GFP provides the following services:
1-To provide halls, supplied with data shows and sound system, for studying considering that the student is the corner-stone of the educational process.
2-To provide illustrative means such as books, exercise papers and media lessons.
3-English language club