Message & Goals


 (The Department of the General Foundation Programme (GFP) adopts the College’s vision.) 

Al Zahra College for Women aspires to being one of the reputable Higher Education Institutions for the education of women in the Sultanate of Oman, the region and internationally. 


To empower students with the necessary knowledge, skills, and study strategies through a competitive, high quality programme; to prepare students academically and psychologically for university education efficiently and effectively; to enhance academic staff competence by providing input about the latest developments in the field of teaching and supervision; and to actively engender student involvement with local organizations and society at large 


1) To bridge the gap between the student’s General Certificate Diploma study and university education by equipping her with knowledge, skills, and the psychological edge to achieve academic excellence.

2) To enable the student to acquire the requisite academic skills and to facilitate the educational process.

3) To enhance the student’s mental, emotional, social, and spiritual abilities and thereby to strengthen  personality and promote scientific, as well as critical thinking.

4) To assist the student in choosing a specialization that suits aptitude and abilities to commensurate with job market demands.

5) To initiate the student in her academics and provide her with the necessary skills and strategies for participation.

6) To harmonize and invest student's academic and non-academic expenences, and

7) To actively promote the relationship between the General Foundation Programme and local social organizations. 

Values: (The GFP adopts the College’s values)

1) Academic integrity. 

2) Professionalism and ethical conduct. 

3) Team work and cooperation. 

4) Transparency and accountability. 

5) Adherence to Islamic values. 

6) Respect for diversity.