Registration Procedures

Course Registration:

Registration is done under the guidance of the academic advisor. The student has to confirm her registration at the Admission and Records Department and get the class timetable.
Students must pay their tuition fees before registering for courses.
The maximum workload for a regular semester is 18 credit hours, whereas the minimum workload is 15 credit hours.

Add/Drop Courses:

Within the allotted time in the calendar for adding/dropping a course, the students may drop a course without incurring any financial penalty after getting the approval of the academic advisor. The net number of courses after the dropping of a course must not go below 9 credit hours after attaining the Dean’s approval. If a student drops a course after the add/drop period specified in the calendar, the student is responsible for settling that course fees and the course will remain in the student’s academic record.

Leave or Absence:
The students who wish to spend a period of time away from the College may apply for a leave of absence up to four semesters either continuous or at intervals except upon joining the College in the first semester. The student must settle all the required tuition fees and terms and conditions for add/drop of courses will be implemented.

The students sponsored by the Ministry of Higher Education must secure the approval of the Local Scholarship Unit in the Ministry after obtaining a special form for this purpose from the Admission and Records Department in the College.

The students may apply to withdraw from the courses they registered, after paying the entire required fees they incurred. Sponsored students must submit their application together with the approval of the Ministry of Higher Education.

Deferment of Study
Students may defer their study after securing written approval, without which the students lose their right to resume their study and are obliged to settle all the fees. The College has the right to seek legal means for returning the fees the students owe it.

Academic Workload (credit hours per semester):

Maximum Load:The semester maximum load is (18) credit hours, and the student may register 21 credit hours if she obtains CGPA above (76%) or is graduating in that semester.

Minimum Load: The semester minimum load is (12) credit hours, however the student may register (9) credit hours if she obtains CGPA below (60%).

One of the requirements of ZCW is the students’ regular class attendance of courses they registered. Attendance of not less than 75% is necessary to permit the student to take the final examination.

Examinations and assessments are assigned during the semester on course basis. Some courses may require more than two assessments in addition to the final examination and the marks are distributed accordingly. The minimum passing grade in a course is 50%.

Accreditation of Prior Learning:
A student who has already studied in another institution and plans to join the College may apply for accrediting the courses she passed successfully if the courses accord with the study plan of the College.  The College follows certain procedures in accrediting courses the students have already taken.

Grade Point Average:
The Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) The CGPA is computed by dividing the total points earned in all courses by the total number of credit hours attempted at the College. The minimum CGPA required for graduation is 60%.

The students are expected to be on their academic track by maintaining a CGPA of 60% or above. The student will put on probation if she obtains a CGPA below 60% and above 50% in any semester other than the first after joining the specialization.

Dismissal from Specialization:
The student will be dismissed if she obtained CGPA below 50% in any semester other than the first semester of joining the specialization. The student is dismissed if she remains on probation and fails to raise her CGPA up to 60% in that particular semester.

Scholarships for Outstanding Students:
The College offers partial or full scholarships for its current students and the Diploma graduates according to certain criterion.

Grade Appeals:
The student may appeal for grade recheck after filling the proper appeal form and paying a fee of one Riyal (1 R.O).

Documents Issued by the College:

  • Student ID Card (for all students)
  • Grade List (upon request and a fee of one Riyal is charged) for current/deferring/withdraw students.
  • Graduation Statement-Bilingual (issued once free of charge)
  • Academic Transcript for graduates (issued once free of charge)
  • Graduation Certificate-in Arabic only (issued once free of charge)