Registration Dept. Services

The Department performs the following activities:
  • Participation in forums and workshops on issues pertaining to admission and registration organized in Oman.
  • Contributing to the activities of the induction week.
  • Participation in introducing the College to school girls during the briefing field visits.
Admission Division:
The functions of this unit are as follows:
  1. To process Registration new applications for admission.
  2. To process the applications of students sponsored by the government.
  3. To provide students and parents with all the information about the study and fees.
  4. To coordinate with the academic departments in students’ registration.
  5. To respond to students enquiries and encourage them to join the College.
  6. To issue students registration numbers.
  7. To process the registration forms and provide students with class timetables.
  8. To update the central unit data of the registered students.
Registration Division:
  1. To monitor the students’ academic progress and update their records.
  2. To audit and review the study plans.
  3. To provide the Ministry of Higher Education with monthly and semester reports about the students on scholarships.
  4. To provide reports about students sponsored by other organizations.
  5. To process students’ semester results.
  6. To audit of the academic records and study plans of graduating students.
  7. To process applications for semester registration and add and drop of courses.
  8. To prepare reports about the number of registered students, and students who applied for withdrawal or leave of absence.
  9. To process exemption for students who pass the placement test.
  10. To issue of result slips for the continuing students, and notice of completion for graduating ones.
Documentation Division:
The major functions of this division are as follows:
  1. To create a folder for personal data of every student.
  2. To update the leaflets, pamphlets, and signboards of the College.
  3. To document all applications for change of programme, leave of absence, withdrawal, etc…
Internal Audit Division:
  1. Processing the academic calendar in the admission and records system.
  2. Rechecking and processing of issued academic warnings and sending copies of that for follow-up.
  3. Processing application for change of programme, withdrawal, or leave of absence.
  4. Rechecking the status of unregistered students.
  5. Preparing the final examination timetable.
  6. Verifying entry of semester results.
  7. Setting the new academic year timetable for the College Council approval.
  8. Preparing lists of the graduating students and the awarded degrees.
  9. Presenting the graduating students’ names and the degrees awarded for the College Council approval.
  10. Submitting the awarded degrees to Omani Ministry of Higher Education for official approval