The GFP Mission:

To enable the students with knowledge and necessary skills through a competitive and high quality programme and to prepare them academically and psychologically to continue their university education efficiently and potentially; to enhance the academic staff's aptitude for providing students with the latest developments in the field of teaching; to activate the involvement with the society and local organizations.


The GFP Objectives:

1-To bridge the gap between the stage of the General Certificate Diploma and the university education for the student and to equip her with knowledge, skills and the required psychological preparation to achieve supremacy and success.
2-To enable the student to acquire the major academic skills that facilitate the educational and learning process.
3-To enhance the student’s scientific, psychological and social abilities, and to strengthen her personality and critical thinking.
4-To assist the student to choose her specialization that suits her attitudes and abilities and is compatible with the demanding job market.
5-To develop the academic cadre, enhance and provide her with material abilities and to pave the way for creativity.
6-To synchronize academic and non-academic experiences and have the benefit from it.
7-To activate the relationship between the foundation programme and local social organizations.