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Chairman's Message

About UsThe progress, advancement and development of societies are primarily based on the amount of knowledge and values they get through concentration on science, the carrier of civilization across ages. Science is inherited by generations to be developed and added to the nation’s credit and not to be only consumed.

It is in this scope that His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said, may God preserve him, has always stressed the need for education which should be given special attention. His Majesty is the carrier of the torch in the march of revival. His Majesty believes that the human being is the starting point and objective of life as well as the means towards development. His Majesty has said in this regard:

We give education the whole of our concern and strive to develop it, improve it and elevate it. We seek to modernize education, supplement it and make it deeply rooted and suitable for the changing world. This is in line with the concern the Sultanate is giving to the development of human resources and the solidification of scientific thinking to create literate generations who can participate in the development process and handle local and international changes and developments efficiently and competently.

The Board of Directors will make all they can to carry out this noble cause. It is our contribution to support higher education which is the engine and agent of the blessed march of revival. The Board of Directors in collaboration with the College academic staff and Al Ahliyya Amman University, the affiliation partner, is working on introducing new B.A. and M.A. programmes that will widen our scientific and educational scope.  This is also in answer to students’ wishes to go for higher degrees. The Board of Directors will provide all the required material and moral support to achieve this objective.

Board of Directors

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